Gerard talbot

Head of Licensing

[email protected]

Gerard's resume speaks for itself. He is one of the smartest, clearest and most efficient people we have come across in this zany industry! He transferred to the USA from Virgin retail in the UK to head up the artistic boutique music labels of EG, Real World, Venture and Earthworks out of NYC, so yes he got to work with Robert Fripp, Brian Eno and David Sylvian.

In 1993 he transferred to Los Angeles to run the catalogue department of Virgin Records. He then took a brief misstep as Iron Maiden’s label A&R (but to his credit he did get to work personally with the Gang Of Four!) before going on in 1995 to the stylish and newly founded Astralwerks to head up their licensing division.

Gerard then had the pleasure of working with Fatboy Slim, Basement Jaxx, Air and Chemical Brothers, to name a few of the reasonably successful artists under Astralwerks's wing for licensing in film/TV. After a brief stint licensing for Ministry of Sound I went solo in 2003 and are fully independent in music licensing, clearance , consultation as well as my own Publishing company Purley Sounds (ASCAP).

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Licensing At MUSIC2

MUSIC2 Announces MUSIC2 Licensing partnership with Gerard Talbot. MUSIC2 Licensing will handle TV, ad and film music placement.

Please get in contact if you are interested in licensing representation. We are interested in hearing from artists and managers who have fresh, interesting material and own the master and publishing.

Presently Gerard handles independent licensing, music clearance, music consultation, and is a publisher based in Los Angeles, California.


A&E "Parking Wars" FOX "Lights Out"
ABC "Ugly Betty" FOX "Damages"
ABC "Secret Life Of The American Teenager" Fox Films "How I Met Your Mother"
ABC "So You Think You Can Dance" HBO "True Blood"
ABC "People’s Choice Award 2009" MLB "This WEEK In Baseball"
ABS "The Gates" MTV "2009 MTV Movie Awards"
AMC "Breaking Bad" MTV "Secret Girlfriend"
CBS "CSI NY" MTV "The City"
CBS "CSI" MTV "The Hills"
CBS "CSI Miami" MTV "2009 Video Awards"
CW TV "Gossip Girl" NBC "Trauma"
Direct Club "Gold" CD NBC "Life"
Direct Club "Cine" CD

Video Game Placements

Gameloft "DJ Mix Tour 2"
Microsoft "Lips: Party Classics"
MTV Games "Rock Band"
MTV Games "Rock Band DLC"


1989-1993 : Label Manager, Caroline Records, New York
1993-1995 : Catalogue Manager, Virgin Records, Beverly Hills
1995-1996 : Head of A&R @ Castle USA, Los Angeles
1996-2001 : Head of Licensing @ Astralwerks Records, Los Angeles
2001-2003 : Head of Licensing @ Ministry of Sound USA, Los Angeles
2003-Present : Independent licensing, music clearance and consultation, publisher, LA